Keep Your Trees Healthy Year-Round

Reach out to Kluttz Kutz Tree Service for exceptional tree care

Are overgrown trees making your property look more like a jungle than a suburban lawn? Call in the tree care experts from Kluttz Kutz Tree Service LLC to keep your unruly trees in tip-top shape. We are trained to handle all tree-related issues on residential and commercial properties. We are located in the Concord, North Carolina area and we serve all of the surrounding areas.

Get your yard in shape today. Call right now to schedule tree care service.

Trust a professional to take care of your trees

Is there a broken branch dangling high up in a tree on your property? Has a fallen tree ruined the idyllic look of your yard? Instead of trying to climb the tree yourself and risking life and limb, turn to a professional arborist for assistance. The crew at Kluttz Kutz Tree Service can take care of:

Tree trimming - We'll make sure your trees stay healthy all year long by trimming branches to promote healthy growth.

Tree removal - When trees on your property pose a hazard to you, your family or your employees, you can rely on us to remove them safely and quickly.

We also handle lot clearing on smaller properties in and around the Concord area.

Has your yard fallen victim to storm damage?

When high wind and heavy rain wreak havoc on your property, count on the storm damage restoration team at Kluttz Kutz Tree Service to clean up the mess. We have the equipment needed to haul away trees and remove debris from your yard. We'll restore your lawn to its original graceful appearance in no time.

Customer service is our #1 priority. You can expect us to treat your trees, and your yard, with the utmost respect. Call us today to schedule tree care service.